Limited Time: Free Shipping ON SELECT USA ORDERS

Limited Time: Free Shipping ON SELECT USA ORDERS

Try this 100% Natural, Doctor-Recommended, Breakthrough Formula To Help YOU… Get Your Cortisol Levels Under Control Starting In 2 Weeks

  • Better Workouts
  • More Energy
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • Boost Cognitive Function
  • Better Workouts
  • More Energy
  • Faster Weight Loss
  • Boost Cognitive Function

Struggling With High Cortisol Levels?

Man with high Cortisol

Cortisol, also known as the “stress” hormone, can wreak havoc on your body – especially if you’re an active man in your late 30s, 40s and 50s. In fact…

…according to articles published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, Saint John’s Health Center and Harvard Medical School, elevated levels of cortisol can make you feel:

Icon: Exhaustion


Waking up feeling drained like a low battery… struggling to make it through the day without ten cups of coffee… and no extra energy to exercise or enjoy the things you love after work!

Icon: Exhaustion


This unwelcomed body fat and extra “baggage” appears unexpectedly, even if you exercise religiously and eat super clean!

Icon: Exhaustion


Weights you could easily lift suddenly feel a LOT heavier – and the muscles throughout your body feel weaker overall, as if all the strength in your arms and legs have been zapped!

It Gets Worse…

You see, living with elevated cortisol levels is no picnic. It can feel like you’re living your worst nightmare. Because medical experts also report higher levels of cortisol are associated with these devastating problems too:

  • Mental Fogginess
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Poor Sleep
  • Panic Attacks
  • Declining Sexual Performance
  • Increased Appetite

And the horrible list of issues living with high cortisol levels goes on and on.

Man holding yoga matt while yawning

So… What Can You Do?

If you’re looking for a natural way to reduce cortisol levels so you can get your life back on track, then you’re probably familiar with this “bag of tricks”:

sleeping icon

Get more sleep

Weight lifting icon

Exercise More

Weight lifting icon

Stop drinking coffee

Dr. Redden working out at the gym
Man Meditating

And last, but certainly not least, MEDITATE!

Now, to be honest, this is all great advice. But while we’re being honest, let’s look at these common “solutions” logically…

If research shows that high cortisol levels disrupt your sleep… how in the world are you supposed to get more sleep? If your sleep is already messed up – this “solution” doesn’t sound so practical, does it?

Next. Exercise

Working out at the gym

Did you know exercising actually causes cortisol levels to increase? That’s because exercising is a type of physical stress which skyrockets cortisol. So if you’re already having cortisol issues – potentially caused by exercising in the first place – how will exercising “more” reduce cortisol?

Working out at the gym

And what about ditching coffee?

Working out at the gym

For some guys, there’s no way in hell they’re going to give up coffee. And as for meditating…

Working out at the gym
Man Meditating

It sounds relaxing, but when you got a jam-packed schedule and can hardly find an extra 5 minutes in your day, how in the world are you going to find the time to sit cross-legged with your eyes closed chanting “Kumbaya” for an hour?

Man Meditating

Now, are you starting to see how some of the “best advice” flung around the internet today doesn’t sound so practical when it’s actually s-p-e-l-l-e-d out? So again, what can you do if the common advice doesn’t work for you?

INTRODUCING: CortiSync® A Simple Way To Reduce Your Cortisol Levels WITHOUT Changing One “Iota” of Your Lifestyle

CortiSync® is a 100% natural formula made with scientifically-backed ingredients shown to reduce cortisol levels in men by addressing a fundamental cause.

This simple daily formula is all you need to help get your cortisol levels in “check”…

  • WITHOUT ditching coffee
  • WITHOUT going on a diet
  • WITHOUT adding more exercise
  • WITHOUT starting yoga

In fact, with CortiSync®, you won’t have to change a single part of your daily routine – just keep moving full-speed ahead – and this formula will help naturally lower cortisol levels so you can start feeling more motivation, more strength and more energy throughout your day.

Proven In Multiple Studies To Reduce High Cortisol Levels

All seven adaptogenic ingredients in CortiSync® are backed by scientific research for reducing cortisol. In fact, one U.S. patented compound called Sensoril® was put to the test in MULTIPLE double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies and PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt to reduce cortisol.

Perhaps most amazingly, one study showed a whopping 24% reduction of cortisol when compared to placebo!

How amazing does it feel to KNOW you’re getting something proven to reduce cortisol, instead of hoping, praying and guessing that what you’re doing will work!

Graph: Shows results of Cortisync versus placebbo


CortiSync® Is A 100% Natural Option Fight Fatigue And Boost Your Energy Levels!

Tested In 14 Human Clinical Studies

Sensoril® – the supercharged U.S. patented form of Ashwagandha in CortiSync® – was tested in not one, not two, but FOURTEEN human clinical studies. That’s impressive because these studies cost a small fortune to run. So you can tell when an ingredient REALLY works when it’s backed by multiple clinical studies.

The impressive results from Sensoril® studies can be found in renowned medical and scientific journals, including: BioMed Central (BMC), National Institute of Health (NIH), Pharmacognosy Research and the British Medical Journals (BMJ).

PROOF: Here Are Some Amazing Results!

  • 7X Greater Reduction of Fatigue
  • Improved Ability To Sleep By 67%
  • 2X Boost In Ability To Focus
  • Decreased Overall Everyday Stress by 62.2%
  • Reduced Cortisol By 24%
Cortisync Bottle

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because the ingredients in CortiSync® have also been shown to help:

  • Significantly reduce inflammation
  • Increase reaction time
  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Support healthy immune response
  • Improve joints mobility
Cortisync bottle with tablets

Decrease Overall Stress By 62.2%

Decrease Overall Stress By 62.2%

Feeling “stressed out” lately?

Don’t sweat it! An amazing clinical study on an ingredient in CortiSync® could help turn things around.

Here are the study details:

Volunteers were either given Sensoril® or a placebo. And at the end of the study, researchers gathered the data. The results were shocking.

Sensoril® outperformed the placebo by a long shot. In fact…

… the volunteers taking this compound in CortiSync® saw their overall everyday stress levels decrease by an astonishing 62.2%!

Isn’t that amazing? That could be the difference between buckling under the pressures of daily stress… to feeling calm, cool and in control while tackling important tasks with relaxing ease.

“One Compound In CortiSync® Decreased Overall Everyday Stress By 62.2%”

Graph: overall stress vs placebo

Enhances Strength & Exercise Performance

Imagine adding MORE weight to your max bench press and squat. All because you started taking a simple daily pill. Sounds far-fetched, but…

…that’s what happened in a fascinating clinical study!

You see, one ingredient in CortiSync® was put to the test. Researchers wanted to see if this compound could improve both upper and lower body strength. It was a 12 week study and the results will blow you away.

THE RESULTS: By the end of the study the researchers noted a dramatic increase to both upper AND lower body strength. That’s because the ingredient in CortiSync® helped significantly improve exercise performance for both bench press (60% improvement in 1 RM bench press) and squat (90% improvement in 1 RM squat strength).

That means, the men taking the ingredient in CortiSync® were able to lift wayyy more when compared to the placebo group. Imagine that. A pill that makes you stronger – backed by scientific research!

Graph Graph

Helps STOP Cortisol-Induced Weight Gain

Did you know high levels of cortisol can make you fat? In the scientific community, this is called “cortisol-induced weight gain”. It’s an absolute nightmare because it can happen to guys who exercise and eat right too!

Thankfully, the ingredients in CortiSync® can help “optimize” metabolic activities in your body – making it easier to burn fat and lose weight!

Get More Done With EXTRA Focus

A fascinating study on one of the ingredients in CortiSync® showed that it could improve cognitive functions FAST, in just 2 weeks. And by the end of the study something amazing happened. The men given a cortisol-reducing compound nearly DOUBLED their ability to focus!

With better cognitive function you’ll be better able to stay focused while working on an important task under a tight deadline without feeling stressed!


Graph: Nearly Doubles Your Focus!


CortiSync® Is A 100% Natural Option Fight Fatigue And Boost Your Energy Levels!

Start Getting Better Sleep… Tonight!

A lot of guys with high cortisol levels struggle falling and staying asleep. This sleep deprivation causes exhaustion and ZAPS energy levels during the day. Thankfully, one of the ingredients in CortiSync® was shown to improve sleep quality by up to 70%! This way you could sleep like a baby and wake-up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle the day with tons of EXTRA energy.

“Improved Ability To Sleep By An Impressive 67%!”

Graph: sleplessness vs placebo

Good For Your Joints & Bones Too!

High cortisol can have a devastating effect on your joints and bones. That’s why CortiSync® contains cortisol-reducing nutrients shown to support healthy joints against stiffness and soothe painful inflammation.


Feel MORE Energetic In The Morning & Afternoon WITHOUT the Caffeine “Crash”

Man working out with dumbells

Struggling with low energy levels? You’ll be happy to know CortiSync® helps boost energy levels by reducing fatigue and increasing blood flow. One study showed a special compound in CortiSync® reduced fatigue by 7X and improved endothelial function by a whopping 91%! That’s the difference between dragging your feet during the day to skipping through the daily grind whistling a happy tune WITHOUT crashing or gulping down another coffee!

CortiSync Supplement Facts

CortiSync® Works With Your Body Naturally Addressing A Major Cause of High Cortisol

CortiSync® works by harnessing the cortisol-balancing POWER of adaptogens. Adaptogens are plants shown to help reduce both mental and physical stress, at the same time, which is “key” for getting your cortisol levels under control. And that’s why CortiSync® is made with not one… not two… but SEVEN adaptogens backed by rock solid scientific research.

So how does it all work?

The ingredients in CortiSync® work with your body naturally by addressing a major cause of high cortisol levels. Which is why our formula is unlike anything you may have tried before. Plus, the results speak for themselves. You’ll both SEE and FEEL an amazing difference or your money back!

Made with 7 Super Nutrients Shown To Support Adrenal Function & Regulate Cortisol Levels Naturally

The CortiSync® formula is made with special nutrients from seven “super” plants. These super plants are called adaptogens and scientific studies show they help reduce cortisol by supporting adrenal health.

But not all adaptogens are created equal. That’s why, after pouring over hundreds of scientific papers, the PrimeGENIX® research team carefully selected each adaptogen based on powerful evidence.

So with each dose of CortiSync®, you get seven of the world’s most powerful cortisol-reducing super nutrients to help dramatically improve the quality of your life, energy and physical performance.

Dr. Redden - Cortisync

Adaptogen #1 – Sensoril


Sensoril® is a “supercharged” patented form of Ashwagandha – an herb also known as the “king” of Ayurvedic herbs because of its remarkable ability to reduce fatigue, stress and cortisol. Sensoril® is backed by over 12 human clinical studies with amazing results.

Adaptogen #2 – Holy Basil

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is an herb with over 3,000 years of traditional use for promoting wellness in the body, mind and soul. Recently, scientific research revealed this “sacred” herb radically helps your body fight stress, making this adaptogen a powerful way to reduce cortisol naturally.

Adaptogen #3 – L-Theanine


L-Theanine is a natural phytochemical originally discovered in Japan in 1949 that promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. L-Theanine is also a powerful cognitive enhancer because studies show it helps “turn on” alpha brain wave activity which helps mental performance.

Adaptogen #4 – Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm comes from a small European plant with over 2,000 years of medicinal uses, including a mood booster and cognitive enhancer. This “ancient” stress reliever is a powerful way to reduce cortisol levels naturally.

Adaptogen #5 – Lichi


A berry that helps you lose weight? This juicy fruit was considered a delicacy by the Imperial Court of the Roman Empire but modern science now shows it helps reduce cortisol and dramatically helps with weight loss.

Adaptogen #6 – Magnolia


Magnolia is a tree with active compounds shown to help promote sleep, reduce stress and regulate cortisol function. Research also shows these special compounds promote easier weight loss naturally.

Adaptogen #7 – Rhodiola


Rhodiola is a root known for possessing powerful anti-aging benefits while also reducing stress and cortisol at the same time. In fact, one animal study found Rhodiola could increase lifespan by up to an astonishing 31%!

Order Your Cortisync® Today

Cortisync Bottle

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Inspected & Approved By Dr. Kaleb Redden

Dr. Redden is a seasoned Sports Physician and the official Team Doctor for PrimeGENIX®. He helps Olympic and professional athletes recuperate after injuries, focusing on helping them bounce back to their sport even stronger.

With profound expertise in the realms of exercise and nutrition, he possesses unrivaled insight into what it takes for men to achieve peak physical condition. That’s why he cautions men about the major performance diminishing problems associated with elevated cortisol levels – because excessive cortisol has the potential to impede muscle gains and physical performance.

So that’s why Dr. Redden wholeheartedly endorses CortiSync® as a natural way to regulate cortisol levels, enabling individuals to relish their preferred physical activities while optimizing their physique and embracing life to the fullest.

Backed By Scientific Research Published In World-Renowned Journals

Each and every ingredient contained within CortiSync® has undergone meticulous research and is supported by robust evidence showcasing their remarkable stress-reducing properties. These awe-inspiring outcomes have been documented in highly esteemed journals of global recognition, including Nutrition, Nature, Science Direct, and many others. In fact, renowned medical institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic endorse the usage of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Lemon Balm—each of which can be found within CortiSync®—as “safe choices” for effectively diminishing cortisol levels.

ScienceDirect Nutrients Psycology Today Nature NIH Cleveland Clinic

Start Noticing A Difference In Just 2 Weeks

Taken daily, you’ll start feeling the CortiSync® formula “kick in” around the 2 week mark. Just remember…

…balancing your cortisol levels is a timely process. Patience and consistent supplementation are the keys to success.

Best of all: After 2 weeks… results keep getting better! Just hang in there. Stick with it. And when your mood is brighter and your motivation levels are higher and you’re waking up feeling more like a brand-new man, you’ll feel that “test driving” CortiSync® was the best decision you ever made.

Dr. Redden at the gym with friends
Cortisync Bottle

Just 1 Simple Daily Dose Is All It Takes

Got 30 seconds to change your life?

Because balancing your cortisol levels with CortiSync® is fast and easy.

Simply take 2 capsules daily with a meal. That’s it. Just pop em’ in your mouth and swallow. Within 30 seconds the “hard part” will be over and CortiSync® will go to work for you instantly!


CortiSync® Is A 100% Natural Option Fight Fatigue And Boost Your Energy Levels!


100% Natural, Scientifically- Studied Ingredients

As you know, the ingredients in CortiSync® are 100% natural. And each nutrient is backed by astonishing scientific research. Plus…

You’ll be delighted to know that CortiSync® is made using the strictest manufacturing guidelines. That’s because this formula is made right here in the USA, in cCMP-certified facilities regularly inspected by the FDA to ensure you’re getting “top notch” quality.

Look At All The Money You’re Saving!

If you were to purchase ALL 7 adaptogens found in the CortiSync® formula separately, you’d be spending more than $150 a month (not including shipping!).

But because you’re getting each ingredient conveniently bundled into the simple daily CortiSync® formula, we’re able to give a HUGE discount! In fact…

…when you grab our Best Value package today, you’ll get a 6 month supply of CortiSync® for less than $54 a month. That’s right, you won’t even spend HALF as much if you were to purchase each ingredient separately!

Cortisync Savings

“Test Drive” CortiSync® Risk Free Today!

We’re so confident you’ll love the results you experience with CortiSync® that it’s backed up by a rock-solid, money-back guarantee. Here are the details:

Place your risk-free order today. When you do, you’ll have 67 days to “test drive” CortiSync® from the comfort of your own home. Try it out. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return the bottles within 67 days for a full refund of the purchase price. No ifs, ands or BUTS! No questions asked!

The Choice Is Yours…

Are you ready to feel more energized and motivated during the day?

Are you ready to perform like your prime in the weight room, on the basketball court and in the bedroom?

The choice is yours.

You saw the amazing clinical study results and scientific evidence backing CortiSync®. Now it’s your turn to experience these results yourself.

Grab a fresh supply of CortiSync® today… and don’t forget…

…please tell us about your amazing results, we’d LOVE to hear from you!


Unlike other “stress reducers” that make you feel groggy, the ingredients in CortiSync® are known to fight fatigue and boost your energy levels - helping you feel fully awake, alert and “dialed in” during the day.

Great news! The ingredients in CortiSync® have been shown to promote BOTH healthy blood sugar and blood pressure.

Here are a few reasons why CortiSync® is a far superior cortisol reducer compared to other options on the market today:

  1. It works! Our formula is made with a U.S. patented compound CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce cortisol.
  2. Extra strength! CortiSync® is made with not one… not two… but a total of 7 POWERFUL adaptogens (natural nutrients scientifically shown to reduce stress and cortisol)
  3. Backed by science! Each ingredient is backed by scientific research published in renowned medical and scientific journals from around the world.
  4. Doctor recommended! Our formula is reviewed and recommended by Dr. Kaleb Redden - a sports medicine physician helping professional and Olympic athletes with over 20 years of personal training experience.
  5. All natural! You don’t have to worry about putting anything synthetic in your body with CortiSync®, because each ingredient is 100% natural.
  6. No reported side effects! Thousands of men are enjoying the wonderful benefits of CortiSync® without reporting any negative side effects.
  7. Results are fast! With daily supplementation, you could start experiencing results in 2 weeks.

No side effects have been reported. That’s because every nutrient in CortiSync® has been scientifically researched and is well-documented as free of known risks. Plus, the entire formula was reviewed, tested and approved by Dr. Kaleb Redden. So you know you’re getting a supplement backed by research and approved by a medical professional.

No “fine print” here. Why?

Because we’re so confident you’ll LOVE the results you experience with CortiSync® it’s backed by a rock-solid money-back guarantee.

That means you can “test drive” CortiSync® without risking a dime of the purchase price. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply send back the bottles for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Sound fair?

We recommend starting with a 3 month supply, at least. Here’s why:

When you start enjoying the benefits of CortiSync® the very first month… the last thing you’ll want is to run out - halting your progress. So pick-up at least 3 bottles to start. Each bottle contains a full 1-month supply.

Remember, you have nothing to lose with our risk-free money-back guarantee. Plus…

…you save extra money when you grab 3 or more bottles today.

Grab your fresh supply of CortiSync® today!

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3 Month Supply
3 Month Supply
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6 Month Supply
6 Month Supply
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CortiSync® Is A 100% Natural Option Fight Fatigue And Boost Your Energy Levels!


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